Had to retire my DROID Maxx

This is a discussion on Had to retire my DROID Maxx within the Droid Ultra and Droid Ultra Maxx forums, part of the Droid Ultra Series category; Hello everyone, as the topic headline says, I had to retire my Droid Maxx. It was time. My Maxx was a gift from my twin ...

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    Had to retire my DROID Maxx

    Hello everyone, as the topic headline says, I had to retire my Droid Maxx. It was time. My Maxx was a gift from my twin sister in 2015. It was bought used. Sadly, I ran into one issue after another, and even had to repair it a few times. I have a DROID Turbo 2 that was injured by a forklift when my friend ran it over. He gave it to me and said I could keep it. I was unable to repair it, but I'm still holding onto it, as the previous owner is a close friend of mine. Because I was unable to repair my Droid Turbo 2, I upgraded to Moto Z Droid Force. I'm very happy with it. Bought it thru Costco. Had to special order it, since it wasn't available in store. It was work the wait. I did the activation over the phone. Moto Z series is awesome, I love it! I am going to stick with Moto Z series from now on. As for my Droid Maxx, I still have it. I'm still very attached to my Maxx, so it goes everywhere with me, so I can play with it. My favourite features​ on Moto Z Droid Force are the camera and shatterproof screen. I wanted a shatterproof DROID, so that's what I got. Was not planning to upgrade, but Mum wanted me to have a DROID that didn't have so many issues. I didn't buy it for the mods. Too expensive anyways. Although my Maxx has many issues, it was one of the best DROIDs that I ever owned. It meant alot to me, and still does. I waited almost 3 years to have it, and was grateful for being able to have one. I am not sure if I'm posting in the right category. Please feel free to move it, as needed.
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    Just wanted to acknowledge your post. Looks as if it may have been the last meaningful post here in a very long time. I noted that you seem to hold on to your phones for a long time without getting the "latest and the greatest". I am glad to see that I am not the only one in that category! Otherwise, hope all is well.



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