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Did the phone accidentally get wet by any chance?

No, phone never was exposed to water, been used almost exclusively on computer, rarely take it on road because it is not reliable when screen goes black, and I think it is a heat problem having been living with it for several years now. The go to sleep function is where problem is, it won't wake back up unless I reset with the power and down volume.

Here is a temporary solution, I put it in freezer when it acts up and I can get a month of proper operation before it goes back to black screen issues. So that indicates to me it is a heat issue with screen. As I leave phone plugged into computer 99% of the time, I set screen to stay on when charging which enables use of phone without black screen issue. When it does act up, as it still does, I put it in freezer and it works for a month or more before acting up again. Given the phone is like new, hardly used, I refuse to dump it which most suggest. Just can't put it up to ear without it shutting screen off, so use speaker phone. Crazy it has been like this for several years, so seems no one has solution yet from scanning forums every few months.