I have gotten my hands on 1 ROM for the RAZR M, that brings the latest flavor of Jelly Bean (4.2.1). Take note it is ALPHA, meaning A LOT is broken! However, for flash happy folks like me, it is a fun trip even if it is short lived.


Iím not going to talk about all that is broken; it is ALPHA so there is no point. Though Iím bummed it wouldn't read the external memory, so I couldn't bring you screen shots. Therefore, you will have to make do with crappy photos I took with my camera! Anyway, in a lot of ways it is much like CM10 (which is a daily driver, though still BETA). However right off the bat there were 2 noticeable differences.

1) The settings button is no longer in the notification drawer. Instead, the shortcut in the right hand upper corner takes you to an elongated power widget of sorts.

2) I loved the 3 lock screens. The center was your standard lock screen. To the right was a straight shot to the (currently non working) camera, and the left was a shortcut of your choice. I have messages set here.

Iím sure there was more, but with limited functionality I quickly flashed back to my current daily driver CM10.