Yeah I have to agree. I had I on my old RAZR and it was Sluggish. I figured since I got a new one and a lot of time had passed, and the launcher had a lot of updates I would try it again. So far I don't have any problems, it's running Smooth. I don't know if that's bc my RAZR is new, not a lot of cache etc used or bc the app has gotten more stable. I'm operating on 75-100mb of free RAM. Not much, lol.
Just to add to the conversation, has anyone tried the app Twisted Home Manager? It's pretty Awesome. It has a 3 tabs. Set Home, Clear Default Home and Get Home. The Get Home gives you a list of 20-30 or more Launchers with links to download each one. It also has a quick switch widget so you can swap between whatever Launchers you have installed. It's pretty cool